The raw material in  shutters is kiln dried to a level best suited to our climate, following which numerous layers of primer, paint and top coat are applied. The  Shutter panels are light, they have a solid panel structure and hang true.

 Shutters are ideal for living areas including bedrooms, dinning areas, lounge rooms and kitchens. They provide good insulation, exceptional light control and they are strong and durable. However they are not water resistant. For water resistant shutters there are Polymer Shutters.

 Shutters are available in a range of standard paint colours. Included in our standard range are 5 wood stains. These are a favourite amongst interior designers looking to add warmth to a room. Without a doubt, Shutters will be a focal point in any home.

  • 5 Year Residential Warranty on the finish of the product
  • 15 year Workmanship Residential Warranty on the product
  • Blades can close in both 'up' and 'down' directions
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All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST