Vintage Wax

Vintage Wax
  • Product: VW500
$44.00 NZD

Vintage Wax is made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax and essential oils. It can be safely used on timber, antiques, Vintage Paint,  chalk paint, milk paint, leather, children's furniture and toys.Vintage Wax is non-yellowing so can be safely used on white paint and white leather. It will nourish and waterproof, creating a soft, natural shine.

RECOAT 1 hour, buff after 1 hour and reapply monthly
1. Remove hardware such as knobs and hinges.
2. Lightly sand surface with 100 - 120 grit sandpaper.
3. Clean well with detergent and water.
4. If applying over a painted surface ensure it is
completely dry first.
1. Use a lint-free cloth or wax brush to apply Vintage Wax
2. Use circular motions to allow wax to penetrate into the
surface, then rub in the direction of the grain.
3. Remove any excess wax if necessary.
4. Allow wax to dry for an hour before reapplying.
5. Gently buff with a soft, clean cloth.