Vintage Basecoat

Vintage Basecoat
  • Product: VBC0000
$60.50 NZD

Makes brights colours appear brighter and increases overall coverage, especially red, orange, yellow, lime and deep blue. Vintage Basecoat is a light grey, self-priming formula that sticks to existing paint and varnish with no stripping or separate undercoat required.

Touch Dry 30mins
RECOAT 1 hour , full cure 7days
1. Remove hardware such knobs & hinges
2. Lightly sand surface with 100-120 grit sandpaper
3. Fill any dents or scratches with wood filler
4. Clean well with detergent & water
1. Stir Vintage Basecoat throughly using flat stick
2. Use a quality synthetic brush, sponge, mini roller, sprayer
3. Paint quickly and carefully in direction of grain
Do not overwork.
4. Whilst applying check for & remove paint drips
5. Allow to dry and apply a 2nd coat