• Product: SUP527
$110.00 NZD

The Stonetrack tile collection….an exclusive porcelain range from Italy. Stonetrack offers an excellent solution in exterior settings and  installations with its exterior anti-slip structured surface. The warmer tones and subtle sandstone style patterns provide for a timeless and enduring design in any application. 

price is per m2


  • Full body porcelain
  • Rectified edges
  • Four warm shades – sandstone like pattern
  • Anti-slip Structured surface
  • Anti-slip ratings available
  • T20 20mm 600x600 option available in three colours (Ivory, Grey, Dark)
  • Made in Italy

600mm x 600mm – Structured only
T20 20mm (indent only)

Available Colours/Patterns:

  •  SUP533
  •  SUP527
  •  SUP531
  •  SUP529