• Product: 74203
$114.00 NZD

 Seraphina is a soft floral design with subtle hints of colour throughout. With a 295cm continuous weighted hem, Seraphina is constructed from 100% polyester, giving it extra durability and assisting in sun protection. It is also fire retardant with a pass in Australian and New Zealand certification.

This stunning sheer is a modern take on the more traditional floral but would be at home in either of these decors. Digital printing continues to give interior lovers a plethora of design options with incredible detail and colour transference.

Price is per m (295wide)


Composition 100% Polyester (weighted hem)
Width 295.0cm
Pattern Repeat Vertical 76.0cm
Pattern Repeat Horizontal 80.0cm

Available Colours/Patterns:

  •  74203
  •  75066
  •  76607
  •  76606